hI. we’re erica and dani and we make Wedding films.


We want to capture the story of our couples living their best life, whether it’s adventuring through the desert or flossing to Cardi B under city lights. We want you to remember, not only how incredible everything looked, but how it felt to be there. We find inspiration in films fueled by energy, love and good vibes with an emphasis on storytelling.

So bring on the belly laughs, the tears and all the YAAAAAAAAS, and maybe even a little confetti. We’re ready for it. We are based in Nashville, but love to film rad people, gaze at the stars, and make friends with local cats all over the world. Shoot us an email so we can make your vision into an epic wedding film.


Travel Dates

February 2019 – sedona | Dallas

may 2019- turks and caicos

april 2019 - Nashville

JUNE 2019 – Cancun

july 2019 - nashville


August 2019 – new orleans

September 2019 – knoxville

December 2019– pigeon forge

January 2020 – St. Louis | thailand

March 2020 – new Orleans